’Gmo 24’ by James Hunt

’Gmo 24’ by James Hunt

James Hunt, author of the "Broken Lines" and "Exiled" series, which have accumulated over 200 five-star reviews on Amazon, takes you into a world where that hunger is never fulfilled and always leaves you wanting more.

This is the first book in the series but the link to the FREE prequel is included  with the download of this book for a limited time*

GMO 24 changed our world- Just not the way we intended

Starvation has wreaked havoc on the United States, and the Soil Coalition’s fascist communities aren’t making the situation any better. Alex Grives is torn from his community by the Coalition’s founder, Gordon Reath, and blackmailed into locating the scientist who Gordon believes has found a cure for the damage done by GMO-24.

Alex is caught in the middle of life and death, feast and famine, and only he has the ability to change the fate of the entire country. There will be casualties, but the decision of who will fill the body bags rests with Alex.


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