Prvi Prvi na Skali
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Mali svetionik


Mali svetionik 481

Prvi Prvi na Skali

Ekskluzivno iz Ohaja za Šumadiju i čitav prostor bivše SFRJ - emitovanje iz Klivlenda, Atine i Kragujevca.

Today we start off with the new song from a brand new album of the band that we really love here, Faux Killas. We also introduce Hidden Rifles, the new project lead by Matthew Wascovich and also features Norman Westberg (of Swans) and Mike Watt. Chinese Herbal Medicine is also back with the new album Alienation. The most pleasant surprise in today’s show is the new album from Broadway Lafayette, a Cajun music project that features Mick Collins, Mama Rosin and Matt Verta-Ray from Speedball Baby. The second half of the show is filled with interesting stuff from the Balkans. We feature releases from the Canadian label Ill In The Head Records which specializes in Yugoslavian music. They have currently two releases on vinyl, Bernays Propaganda remix record and The Marshmallow Notebooks debut. From Croatia, we have the new stuff from San Mikulec and his Snooze In Motion and a very special collaboration between Branimir Živković of Overflow and Zvonka Obajdin of Svemir. Finally, we play some new and rare old tunes from the legendary Peđa Vranešević of Laboratorija Zvuka.

Stanislav Žabić


  • Demon’s Claws – Trip To The Clinic;
  • Faux Killas – Be With My Baby;
  • Broadway Lafayette – Ou est-tu;
  • Mama Rosin – Le Two-Step De L’Haricot;
  • The Dirtbombs – Earthquake Heart;
  • Tin Foil – Can’t Stay Here (Live in CLE);
  • The Stooges – No Fun;
  • Chinese Herbal Medicine – No Fun;
  • Hidden Rifles – Cranial Escrow;
  • Bernays Propaganda – Leb i igri;
  • The Marshmallow Notebooks – The Last Tourist In Town;
  • Snooze In Motion – Preko Vode;
  • Mydolls – Its Too Hot for Revolution;
  • Digger & The Pussycats – Oh Yeah;
  • Peđa Vranešević – Ciganjska Pesma;
  • Peđa Vranešević – Still I’m Sad feat. The Yardbirds;
  • Branimir Živković and Zvonka Obajdin – I’ll Be Your Mirror.

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