Five myths surrounding genetically modified foods - BUSTED!

Five myths surrounding genetically modified foods - BUSTED!

We believe genetically modified organisms (GMOs) should not be released into the environment since there is not an adequate scientific understanding of their impact on the environment and human health. GMOs can spread through nature and interbreed with natural organisms, thereby contaminating non ’GE’ environments and future generations in an unforeseeable and uncontrollable way.

It’s time to bust five myths surrounding GM:

1. It is a solution to famines, and eases the lives of farmers.

NO! Famine originates from the uneven distribution of world resources. And GM crops will only promote the commercialization of cultivation, leading to a rise in seed prices and farmers’ production costs. All the while unable to ensure increased output.

2. GM food is harmless to our health.

NO! GM food does not undergo any long-term safety assessments before being introduced to the market. And there’s concern that eating GM food over a long period of time may lead to antibiotic resistance.

3. Even if released, I can personally avoid eating it.

NO! Greenpeace has time and time again exposed the illegal cultivation of GM rice cultivation in China. This means GM food has been put on the dining tables of consumers without their knowledge.

4. Genetic engineering can complement organic farming.

NO! GE may accelerate pest insects’ ability to resist insecticides, while GM crops may also contaminate organic farms through the spread of pollen.

5. We can reverse GE if it’s found to be dangerous.

NO! Genetic modified organisms may, through self-reproduction and hybridizing with close breeds, lead to the proliferation of alien genes in the wild. This is extremely difficult to recover.

Supporting organic, sustainable farming is the only way forward for China’s agricultural future. Spread the word by sharing this post, or our infographic.

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