Mali svetionik 727, 26. 1. 2023.

Mali svetionik 727, 26. 1. 2023.

My coming out of age decade is the 80s. But we can all safely objectively admit that the best rock music came out between 1965 and 1975. Two of the strongest creators in that period left the planet recently within a week from each other. Legendary guitarist of Yardbirds Jeff Beck and founder of The Byrds David Crosby. Both left an permanent mark in the history of popular music. Beck as a guitarist and Crosby as a vocalist and songwriter. We merely use this sad moment to just take back the clock and listen to some music from the period when rock was truly innovative and fresh. Excuse my US vinyl for the Yardbirds, but that’s how it came out back then in glorious fake “electronically enhanced” stereo.

Stanislav Žabić

Ekskluzivno iz Ohaja za Šumadiju i čitav prostor bivše SFRJ - emitovanje iz Klivlenda, Atine i Kragujevca.



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  • Byrds – Psychodrama City
  • Yardbirds – Train Kept A Rolling
  • Yardbirds – Evil Hearted You
  • Yardbirds – Shapes of Things
  • Yardbirds – Over Under Sideways Down
  • Yardbirds – Jeff’s Boogie
  • Jeff Beck – Hi Ho Silver Lining
  • Jeff Beck Group – Blues De Luxe
  • Jeff Beck Group – Spanish Boots
  • Jeff Beck Group – Ice Cream Cakes
  • Beck, Bogert and Appice – Superstition
  • Byrds – The Airport Song
  • Byrds – Wait and See
  • Byrds – Eight Miles High
  • Byrds – Wild Mountiain Thyme
  • Byrds – What’s Happening
  • Byrds – Renaiscance Fair
  • Byrds – Lady Friend
  • Byrds – Triad
  • Byrds – Draft Morning
  • David Crosby – Get Together.

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