Mali svetionik 733, 9. 3. 2023.

Mali svetionik 733, 9. 3. 2023.

Today we open with the new bad from France, Shake Some. Also from France, we have the new one from Les Lullies. John Henry Timmis IV is a reclusive artist and author who passed away in 2002, but I haven’t been aware of him until now, when a collection of his basement tapes surfaced recently under the moniker of J.T.IV. We stay in Chicago and check out the new one from Poison Boys. Over in Dayton, we check in with Guided By Voices who released yet another album in the past year (I lost the count). Also in Dayton, Andrew Gabbard has a new single and also, a new record with his native band Buffalo Killers. It’s a compilation of rare and unreleased recording he did with his brother Zach. Robert Forster of Go-Betweens is back with the new record. Monnone Alone is also here with new music. We introduce Gwil Owen from Nashville. and Nothing but best pop music today in honor of Burt Bacharach, who passed away on February 8th this year. 

Stanislav Žabić

Ekskluzivno iz Ohaja - emitovanje iz Klivlenda, Atine i Kragujevca.



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  • Dionne Warwick – Walk On By
  • Shake Some – Don’t Tell Me More
  • Poison Boys – Set You Free
  • Poison Boys – Don’t You Turn on Me
  • Connections – Month 2 Month
  • Guided By Voices – Ballroom Etiquette
  • Andrew Gabbard – Glum And Empty
  • Buffalo Killers – Good Feeling
  • The Go-Betweens – Don’t Let Him Come Back
  • Robert Forster – Did she Overtake You
  • Robert Forster – She’s A Fighter
  • J.T.IV – A Fix Of Rock N Roll
  • Maple Mars – Anchors Aweigh
  • Popular Creeps – Split Decision
  • Gwil Owen (February 2023) – GhostTown
  • Les Lullies – Dernier Soir
  • Eamon McGrath – Teenager
  • Monnone Alone – Ways to Wear My Hair
  • Tom Jones – Promise Her Anything
  • Elvis Costello and Burt Bacharach – God Give Me Strength

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