Mali svetionik 748, 22. 6. 2023.

Mali svetionik 748, 22. 6. 2023.

Today we have an international parade of great new tunes. We start our trip in Spain with Capsula and their new single. The next stop is Gabbie Torres and BBQT in Baltimore. Then we go to UK and check out the latest collaboration between Mordecai Smyth and Icarus Peel. Tony Molina and Sarah Rose Janko join forces as The Lost Days. Courettes over in Denmark take a Johnny Thunder’s vocal track and breathe a new life into it. In Australia, we check out Sticker Club, the new project for a long time Evan Dando collaborator Nic Dalton. Another Australian name in today’s show is Ramalamas. New York’s Braden Bodensteiner is introduced for the first time at the Little Lighthouse and so is Zac from Rome, Italy. And finally, we end up in Toronto Canada and close the show with a new tune from Clara Engel. 

Stanislav Žabić

Ekskluzivno iz Ohaja - emitovanje iz Klivlenda, Atine i Kragujevca.



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  • Capsula – Dali´s Face
  • Capsula – Sombra
  • BBQT – Dangerous Dame
  • Connections – Unsolved Mysteries
  • Guided By Voices – Seedling
  • Good Looking Son – Lord Demon’s Delight
  • Mordecai Smyth – Out In The Stars
  • The Lost Days – Coward Exposed
  • Tony Molina – Hard to Know
  • The Whiffs – Verlaine
  • Johnny Thunders and Courettes – You Can’t Put Your Arms Around A Memory (The Courettes Mix)
  • The Sticker Club – Being Around
  • The Lemonheads – Being Around
  • The Liquorice Experiment – Novice Pretender
  • Braden Bodensteiner – 440
  • ZAC – The World Is Standing Still
  • Cheater Slicks – Reaching Through
  • The Golden Gaytimes – Running Away
  • The Ramalamas – The Ramalamas – Funtastique
  • Clara Engel – The Snake in the Mirror
  • Kim Simpson – Mystery

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