The Yardbirds Story

The Yardbirds Story

5:47 The Eric Clapton Years
8:11 Eric talks about forming a band
11:35 Chris Dreja talks about The Sonny Boy Williams years
12:05 Jim McCarty and Chris Dreja talk about Eric Clapton and Jimmy Page as Eric’s replacement
13:47 The Jeff Beck Years
14:00 Jeff talks about Hammish Grimes approaching him to join the Yardbirds
15:41 Eric Clapton talks about Jeff Beck
16:12 Jeff talks about trying out for Keith Relf and using some Matt Murphy licks.
17:56 Jeff performing "I’m a Man"
20:27 Chris talks about Jeff’s roots in the Blues and Rock and Roll
21:06 Chris talks about the sitar sound Jeff created for "Heart Full of Soul"
23:57 Jeff talks about the riffs he added to the new written material.
24:09 Paul and Jim talk abut the songs they wrote
24:28 Still I’m Sad
25:16 Jeff had the Vox people bring in the biggest Amps they had.
25:56 Shindig Goes To London (The Richmond Jazz and Blues Festival 1965)
29:15 Jim talks about going to the U.S. for a Tour in August 1965
30:00 Train Kept a Rolling (1966 New Musical Express Poll Winners Show)
32:16 Jeff talks about being young and in America,It was the land of Milk and Honey
32:52 Jim talks about recording at Sun Studios with Engineer Sam Phillips.
34:08 Shapes of Things at The New Musical Express Poll Winners Show.
35:17 Jim talks about recording "Over,Under,Sideways,Down.
35:41 Paul had enough of touring and packed it in.
36:11 Paul leaves and Jimmy Page joins
36:25 The Jeff Beck and Jimmy Page Years
36:37 Happenings 10 Years Time Ago
38:44 Jimmy Page interview about him and Jeff on dual lead guitars
39:12 Jeff and Chris talk about The "Blow Up" movie
41:38 Jeff leaves the band
41:40 The Jimmy Page Years
43:01 Peter Grant Interview about Jimmy Page
44:46 Mickie Most interview about his failure to get the band back in the Charts
45:07 Jim McCarty and Keith had enough
47:08 Jimmy Page takes over and created Led Zeppelin
47:46 Interview with Jeff Beck,Chris Dreja,Paul Samwell-Smith,Jim McCarty about Keith’s death
48:47 The May Ball incident
50:21 Jeff Beck says there was nothing like The Yardbirds

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