GMO Inside presents: No GMOs, Cheerios! Campaign Video

GMO Inside presents: No GMOs, Cheerios! Campaign Video

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Join GMO Inside in asking General Mills to be a leader and remove GMOs from Cheerios and to stop blocking our right to know. Send a letter to CEO Kendall Powell now! 

After you’ve signed a letter to Kendall Powell join us also on Facebook by leaving this video as comment on the Cheerios page.

While concealing its use of GMOs in the United States and Canada, General Mills offers non-GMO Cheerios to consumers in Europe. Most industrialized countries have required GMO labeling for years. In Europe, General Mills manufactures Cheerios without GMOs, or if it sells Cheerios in Europe that are manufactured in North America, the product is labeled as "likely containing GMOs."

Adding insult to injury, General Mills spent $1.1 million to oppose GMO labeling legislation in CA, thus perpetuating consumer deception. In Washington State, General Mills is likely covertly funding the campaign opposing labeling initiative 522 through the Grocery Manufacturers Association (GMA). General Mills’ CEO Ken Powell is the vice chair of the GMA, which to date has given $7.2 million to fight I-522.

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